Have Some Questions?

How Do I Order?

You can either call ​us or pay online.

How Many Leads Can I Download?

Our software package is priced by the number of leads while the data on demand and "Big Daddy" Data file are a one time fee.

Can My IP Get Blocked From Using It?

No, we have a license to use the data so you'll never have a problem generating data from our software.

Will It Work On My Computer?

YES, the software will work on both Mac's and Window's computers and the other data is all formatted in CSV 

Where Does The Data Come From?

We compile our data from numerous trusted sources.

What Fields Are Included With The Data?

The software will provide Business Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Rating, Longitude, Latitude Plus Email (if available) & Website (if available). The "Big Daddy" Data file will contain up to 155 data fields.

How Long Do I Have Access For?

You'll have access based on the product you purchased. 

How Accurate Is The Data?

Because we get the data directly from the same company that provides business listing to all vehicle navigation systems - it's the most accurate data anywhere!